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The City is Massive. The City is Eternal. The City is Magical. The City is Divided.

There are many legends about who created The City. Some say that it was created by the Gods to protect their faithful servants. Others say that it was created when the Gods were mortal by beings they believed to be Gods. The tales go on and on, but nobody can agree. The one thing that everyone does agree on is whoever created The City was powerful, careful and forward looking. They are, unsurprisingly, referred to as The Builders.

Outside of The City are The Wilds. The Wilds surround the city and stretch farther than the eye can see. They are filled with dangerous magical creatures that attack on sight.

There are seven major Guilds in The City. These Guilds form the major political factions in addition to performing the duties laid out in their charters.

Main Page

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