The City


The City is massive. To walk from one side of it’s circular walls to the other would take days. Fortunately, The Builders foresaw this and installed the floatways. The floatways flow through The City, touching all major areas. Using a floatway is simple, merely enter zone and you will be caught in magic. From there if you wish to move faster simply move closer to the middle, when you wish to exit move to the edge and disembark at an exit zone. A proficient user of the floatways can travel from almost any two points in The City in under two hours.

The City is eternal. The City has been the whole of civilization for longer than written history. History that goes back thousands of years still references The City as if it was ancient.

The City is magical. From shops on the street selling ancient magical items, for a hefty trade, to the wards keeping The Wilds at bay, to the floatways moving citizens around, the city is full of magic. Ancient magic, old as the world, magic that no one living or remembered can match.

The City is divided. The seven guilds vie for power. They bicker and form alliances creating an ever shifting political landscape few fully understand. A cold and rainy month might weaken The Farmers Guild as easily as strengthen them. The supply of food is insignificant compared to what the other guilds see as weakness or opportunity.

The City

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